Sometimes clients may be reluctant to use a form of dispute resolution in their matter. Our commitment to you is that we will recommend forms of dispute settlement once you understand the full extent of your legal rights and you agree that it is in your interest to seek a settlement. In this instance, the firm will work with certified mediators who will assist disputants in resolving their legal matters.

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What Is Mediation?

This is a form of dispute settlement in which a neutral third party assists disputants in settling their matter. The settlement reached is based on the determination of the parties. In this instance the mediator functions in the capacity of a facilitator. Mediation can be used in most legal matters which can include personal injury matters and family disputes.


About Caribbean Centre for Conflict Management

This firm is an independent mediation agency that trains as well as provides mediators for a wide cross-section of legal disputes. The Centre will provide you with the mediator with the specialty area you require.

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